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Each Minute a person experiences Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the U.S. 

Untreated, it will lead to Death!

Monsoon Medics was created in the realization that facilities that need AEDs don't purchase them because of concerns over liability in ownership.  We exist to help alleviate those concerns, by ensuring AEDs are maintained as required by law and employees trained.  

We are an American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) training center, and also offer American Heart Certifications.  Classes are taught by highly knowledgeable instructors and customized to your specific needs.  Training is included with monthly subscription plans, but can purchased independently.

We sell all major brands of AEDs, allowing us to customize the unit to your specific needs and budget.

One of the biggest liabilities in AED ownership is the maintenance and documentation of the unit.  Monsoon Medics provides onsite monthly inspections of every AED in your program and documents visit with over 50 point inspection with state of the art electronic forms.  

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